#24 - What is Post Concussion Syndrome?

What is post concussion syndrome? Let’s talk about what post concussion syndrome is and what you can do if you’re experiencing it. Post concussion syndrome happens when concussion symptoms stick around for weeks or months after a head injury. It occurs in around 20% of concussion cases. Post concussion syndrome is a fancy way of saying that your symptoms aren’t fully healed as quickly as expected, which is 2-3 weeks for adults and 4 weeks for children.

When you have post concussion syndrome, it can feel like you’re never going to get better and that it’s time to adjust to a new life with concussion symptoms. But I have good news for you. Doctors are now prescribing active treatment and rehabilitation which has been shown to reduce post-concussion syndrome symptoms. In fact, it’s been shown to be one of the best ways to treat concussions in general.

In my conversations with people who have had post concussion syndrome, their doctor generally told them to rest until they felt better, which we know isn’t the best way to treat concussions. So it’s especially important for you to see a trained concussion specialist if you’ve had symptoms for longer than a month. They can help identify your individual needs to help you feel back to normal – no more post concussion syndrome. Still curious about what is post concussion syndrome? Learn more about active treatment and how to find a concussion specialist near you at BaselineTesting.com.


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