#79 - Chiropractor’s Role in Concussion Care

The chiropractor may be involved in multiple aspects of concussion care.

Chiropractors may be on the sidelines of sports games and practices to triage, make removal from activity decisions, and refer for further assessment.

They can also help with differential diagnosis by determining which symptoms are related to concussion and which are related to another condition such as a whiplash associated disorder.

In addition to the sideline and clinical assessment, chiropractors may also be involved in multiple areas of concussion rehab including neuromusculoskeletal rehab, cervical spine rehab, sport-specific rehab, vestibular therapy, and vision therapy. While chiropractors may be involved in many areas of concussion rehab, it’s important to recognize when something is beyond the scope of your expertise and refer out to a specialist.

In some states, chiropractors may be allowed to make return to activity decisions.

In any case, chiropractors can work effectively with a team of medical providers to provide comprehensive concussion care to patients.

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