#80 - Athletic Trainer Scope of Practice

Athletic trainers are educated and trained to work with the multidisciplinary team throughout the entire continuum of concussion care.

The BOC Practice Analysis provides 5 domains of athletic training practice each including elements that relate to concussion care.

Domain 1: Risk Reduction, Wellness, and Literacy – this includes identification of risk factors which relates to pre-participation physical exams.

Domain 2: Assessment, Evaluation, and Diagnosis – this covers concussion assessment and diagnosis.

Domain 3: Critical Incident Management – this relates to on-field management and activation of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for potential injuries that may be worse than a concussion.

Domain 4: Therapeutic Intervention – this covers concussion treatment and follow up care.

Domain 5: Healthcare Administration and Professional Responsibility – this covers elements of concussion policy, protocols, and standing orders.

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