#82 - Benefits of Using Telehealth for Concussion Rehab

Traditional in-person care can be challenging for some concussion patients.

One challenge may be transportation. Patients’ symptoms may prevent them from driving and they may not have a caregiver to give them rides to their appointments. Additionally, being in the car may flare up their symptoms.

Another challenge may be over stimulation in the clinic. Environmental factors such as light and sound may trigger patients’ symptoms, causing them to be cognitively drained after appointments.

For these patients, telemedicine appointments are a great alternative!

The benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Greater access to care
  • Opportunity for more frequent sessions due to experiencing less triggers
  • Patients save time not having to drive to and from appointments
  • Patients reserve energy so they’re not left feeling drained after appointments

Learn more about how to take advantage of telehealth for concussion rehab.


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