How to take ImPACT Baseline Test?


Open Testing Link

Click on the link you'll receive in your confirmation page and email after purchasing ImPACT Baseline Test. This link expires in 90 days.


Watch Instructions

Carefully watch the instructions on the launch screen. Make sure you disable pop up blockers and zoom out your screen if you can't launch your test.


Take Test & Save ID

Complete all the assessments and, when done, download ImPACT Passport app to record your ImPACT Passport ID.

ImPACT Baseline Test requirements and instructions:

Quiet Environment

Turn off and put away mobile phones. Remove any other distractions.

Well-Rested Test Taker

Be free of drug and/or alcohol influence. Don’t engage in intense physical activity for at least 3 hours prior to the test. Sit comfortably.

Necessary Technical Requirements

Desktop or laptop computer. Current version of your browser, must accept cookies, pop up blockers to be disabled, screen must be 12 inches or larger, touch screen should not be used.

Reliable Internet Connection

Computer has to be plugged into an outlet to make sure the test won’t be interrupted. Internet connection must be reliable.