Take 20 minutes
to be prepared if a concussion happens.

ImPACT Baseline Test is a series of game-like activities that measure reaction time, memory, and processing speed. They give your doctor an accurate picture of your healthy brain function.

Only qualified healthcare providers can access and interpret ImPACT Baseline Test results. ImPACT Baseline Test has been developed for ages 12-80.

What happens after you buy


Get confirmation email

Containing your unique testing link(s).


Open testing link

And carefully watch test instructions.


Take the test

With no interruptions and focusing on each activity.


Save personal testing ID

On your mobile, through ImPACT Passport app.

Before you take
your test

Make sure you’re well-rested, in a quiet environment, and sitting comfortably. Also, check if your internet connection is working properly as the test is online.

ImPACT Baseline Test needs to be completed on a desktop or laptop.

Get detailed test requirements and instructions.

Types of activities

Design Memory

Color Match

Symbol Match

Speed Test

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