#81 - Concussion Clinical Profiles

Clinicians may use the information gathered during the clinical interview, symptom inventory, and objective assessments to determine a concussion clinical profile and use it to direct treatment before starting any return to activity progression.

There are 5 Clinical Profiles:

The first profile is cognitive / fatigue. Patients who fall into this category may experience difficulty concentrating, overall fatigue, and decreased energy levels.

The second profile is Ocular-Motor. Symptoms include localized / frontal headaches, fatigue, distractibility, vision difficulties, pressure behind the eyes, and trouble focusing.

The third profile is Headache / Migraine. Symptoms include moderate to severe headache accompanied by nausea and photo- or phono-sensitivity, often worsened by physical activity or stress.

The fourth profile is Vestibular. Symptoms include dizziness, fogginess, nausea, or anxiety brought on by rapid head or body movements.

The final profile is anxiety / mood. Patients who fall in this category may experience an overall increase in anxiety that may be accompanied by sleep disturbances and vestibular issues.


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