Concussions happen.
Be prepared.

Take the ImPACT Baseline Test when you’re healthy. If you experience a head injury, your baseline scores can help doctors get you back to normal.

ImPACT Baseline Test is FDA-cleared and available in 22 languages.

18,956,111ImPACT Baseline Tests taken worldwide

Why you need to
be prepared

Because concussions can happen to anyone, anywhere. And they can change your life for the worse.
Just like an annual physical, it is recommended that you take a baseline test every year.

ImPACT Baseline Test has been developed for ages 12-59.

USD $20

How a baseline test can help you


Visit a doctor

If you get a head injury and suspect you have a concussion.


Take a post-injury test

So your doctor can see how your brain function has changed.


Get custom treatment

Based on how your brain function has been affected after the injury.

Why people took it

"It's about taking care of my family."

"I took the ImPACT Baseline Test to provide myself with a starting point in case an accident ever occurs. As a soon-to-be 1st time father, it's important for me to protect my brain."

- Richie M.


"I do my best to protect my health on all levels."

"I took the ImPACT Baseline Test because I live a very active lifestyle. With working out and action sports, you run the risk of accidents, so this was the perfect proactive step in the brain function department!"

- Brittney C.

United States

"My brain health matters."

"Being an advocate for my own brain health has changed my life since sustaining a life changing concussion. I took ImPACT Baseline Test because I want to be prepared this time if I end up with a concussion again."

- Brittany R.