What is ImPACT Baseline Test?

ImPACT Baseline Test is a series of tasks for ages 12-59 that measure brain function in a healthy state. If you have a head injury, your doctor is able to compare your baseline scores to post-injury scores to help determine if you have a concussion.

Baseline test scores are stored in our secure database and only trained healthcare providers can access them.


Take Baseline Test

Buy and take ImPACT Baseline Test online in about 20 minutes. Upon completion, save your unique testing ID using ImPACT Passport app.


Find a Provider

If you sustain an injury and suspect you have a concussion, visit Concussion Care Providers to find a trained professional near you.


Take Post-Injury Test

Take another test with your healthcare provider so they can compare baseline and post-injury results to help determine if you have a concussion and plan the best course of treatment.

Who should take ImPACT Baseline Test?

ImPACT Baseline Test has been developed for the 12-59 age range. Because concussions can happen to anyone, not only athletes, anybody within this age range is recommended to take ImPACT Baseline Test every year.

Price: USD$ 20

"The brain is responsible for more than we often give it credit for. I took my ImPACT Baseline Test to protect the thing that makes me who I am, and to rest assured that I have a plan in case of concussion."

- Dylan C.

United States

"I took the ImPACT Baseline Test because I live a very active lifestyle and do my best to protect my health on all levels. With working out and action sports, you run the risk of accidents, so this was the perfect proactive step in the brain function department!"

- Brittney C.

United States

"Being an advocate for my own brain health has changed my life since sustaining a life changing concussion. I took ImPACT Baseline Test because I want to be prepared this time if I end up with a concussion again. My brain health matters."

- Brittany R.