#17 - Common questions about baseline testing

We’ve recently launched BaselineTesting.com, where you can take ImPACT Baseline Test online, at home, in 20 minutes. We’ve gotten some questions surrounding baseline testing, so I want to address a few of those today.

Our first question: Why do I need a baseline test? Well, baseline testing is a way to make sure you get the best care possible after a concussion. Baseline testing allows healthcare providers to have a comparison to your healthy brain after concussion. Your baseline serves as one marker of where you need to get back to cognitively after concussion. Healthcare providers can provide specific treatment and rehabilitation to help you get back there.

Question 2: Who needs to take a baseline test? Everyone who’s at risk for concussion will benefit by taking a baseline test. Basically, that means everyone. We know that concussions are a life injury – they don’t just happen in contact sports. Falls are the #1 cause of concussion. If you get a head injury, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that doctors have your baseline.

Question 3: Is a baseline test the only tool that doctors use to know I’m back to 100%? Absolutely not. ImPACT is one of many tools that healthcare providers use to diagnose and care for concussions. They also use balance testing, vestibular ocular examinations, and clinical examinations to help determine when you’re back to 100%. Important to keep in mind here: healthcare providers are integral to the concussion care process. They’re trained to assess your brain and to recommend the right treatment for you.

I hope this answers some of your questions regarding baseline testing. Reach out to us if you have other questions. And check out BaselineTesting.com for more educational resources and to take your own ImPACT baseline test.


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