#41 - At-home Concussion Rehabilitation Exercises

Concussion care providers can recommend activity for patients to do at home to maximize healing opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • Light cardio as tolerated — walking outdoors to train the eyes to find movement and get the eyes moving side to side.
  • Meditation — this helps patients dealing with anxiety or stress about the future by focusing on the present and calming the nervous system.
  • Gentle yoga — eases patients into trusting their bodies and feeling safe with simple movements.
  • Specific eye or vestibular exercises — these can be done alone or incorporated with light cardio while looking around, yoga while shifting the gaze up and down, or meditation by focusing on one point.

Another key factor to emphasize is keeping a routine. This is crucial for targeting concussion-specific symptoms and will help patients maintain a consistent sleep cycle so they can bounce back to everyday activities.

For more information about starting a concussion care practice download our Concussion Care 101 Guide on concussioncareproviders.com.


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