#56 - Vision Therapy for Concussions

Continuing our physical therapy in concussion management series we’re moving on to the three areas of treatment. Today, we’re covering vision therapy for concussions.

Did you know 1/3 of patients dealing with concussions experience visual problems? This can include double or blurred vision, dizziness, and issues following a moving target. Axonal injury or blunt trauma to the visual control systems cause these symptoms. Physical therapists can detect visual problems by conducting the Vestibular-Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS). Once they know the issue they can use any of these 10 vision therapy techniques for concussions:

  1. Pencil Push-Ups
  2. Pointer and Straw
  3. Brock String
  4. 3 Dot Card
  5. Life Saver Card
  6. HART Chart
  7. Marsden Ball
  8. Rotator Pegboard
  9. Michigan Tracking
  10. Thumb Pursuits and Saccades

Tune in next week to learn how physical therapists help with vestibular rehab.


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