#16 - Concussion Care Story: Immediate versus Delayed Treatment

The question frequently comes up regarding how immediate versus delayed treatment affects concussion recovery. Let’s talk through a few stories that show why seeing a trained healthcare provider right away after concussion is so important.

The first comes from a woman, Susan, who got a concussion during a fall while she was skiing. She had a headache, but wrote it off as a small side effect of a big fall. She had a headache and some dizziness the next day, but she was on vacation so she didn’t see a doctor. Her headaches didn’t really go away when she got home a week later, and she found she was having trouble concentrating at work. Her symptoms worsened and a few months later, she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a concussion. She had to stay out of work for months afterwards and is still dealing with lingering symptoms after the concussion.

The second individual, Kyle, got a concussion while mountain biking. He fell, hit his head, and lost consciousness for a few seconds. He immediately was taken to the doctor and was diagnosed with a concussion. He was told to rest for a couple days, then starting an active rehabilitation plan including some vestibular therapy. After just a few weeks, he was back to 100% and was back on his mountain bike.

These stories illustrate just how important it is to see a trained healthcare provider after a concussion. Without it, you’re blind to what exactly needs to happen so you feel better after a head injury. Want to learn more about the steps to recovery after a concussion? We have a free eBook available on Amazon. Just search “Concussion 101 Guide” or click here to find it. You’ll also find it as a PDF here


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