#54 - Benefits of Physical Therapy for Concussion Care

Physical therapists are important members of any concussion care team. They participate in active rehabilitation to help patients get better. Physical therapists are most commonly involved in vision, vestibular, and cervical spine rehabilitation. Here are a few benefits when it comes to concussion care:

  1. Individualized treatment – Physical therapists work on multidisciplinary teams to offer comprehensive concussion care specific to each patients’ needs.
  2. Guided recovery – Physical therapists help patients manage their symptoms while teaching them proven at-home rehab exercises to help with their concussion recovery.
  3. Returning to normal activity or sport – Patients who work with physical therapists experience a safe and gradual return to life without overloading the brain and nervous system.

In the coming weeks, we’ll help you learn more about their role and how physical therapists strengthen concussion care teams.


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