#31 - Setting up a Concussion Clinic: Determining Your Ideal Patients

An important consideration when you’re setting up a concussion clinic is determining the types of patients you’ll see. If you’re in a rural area where you’re starting a concussion clinic from scratch, you might be in an ideal position to be the go-to provider for all types of concussions. If there are competitors in your area, you can set yourself up to offer specialized care for pediatric patients, sports injuries, or workplace injuries.

The types of patients you plan to see will help guide the creation of your organization’s mission statement, starting you off on the right foot. If you plan to assess and treat concussions, you’ll want tools that provide objective data to help your assessment. If you want to do concussion rehabilitation, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right training to determine individual rehabilitation plans for your patients.

Thinking through your ideal patients is an excellent way to jumpstart the creation of your concussion clinic. Once you know who you’ll be seeing regularly, you’ll be able to tailor your team, tools, and protocols to get an efficient concussion care workflow for your new concussion care medical practice.

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