#3 - Can you prevent concussions?

Let’s talk about a question we get all the time: is concussion prevention possible? We hear a lot about helmet technology, wearable sensors, and other devices that are supposed to help prevent concussions.

Unfortunately, the reality is concussion prevention is still unrealistic. Parents wonder whether concussions can be prevented by keeping their children out of contact sports. However, concussions don’t just occur in contact sports.They happen from falls, car accidents, and non contact sports, too. This means there’s no guaranteed way to prevent concussions.

If you’re concerned about concussions, here are a couple recommendations for you. Start with educating yourself on concussion signs and symptoms. Go to BaselineTesting.com to take the Concussion 101 quiz and then check out the guide to learn concussion ABCs.

Next, take a baseline test so your doctor has the best comparison data – yours, if you ever get a concussion. Go to BaselineTesting.com to take your baseline test. That way, you’re prepared if a concussion ever happens.


Taking care of your brain is a no brainer