#64 - Setting Up a Concussion Care Telemedicine Workflow

When incorporating a telemedicine component in your concussion care practice, it’s critical to have a reliable workflow in place. Here is an example of a step by step workflow you can adopt for your own telemedicine services.

Step #1: Patient Intake

  • First, determine their appropriateness for telemedicine services.
  • If the patient is deemed appropriate, send them any necessary paperwork, a link to complete ImPACT remotely, and schedule an appointment.
    • Tell patients paperwork must be completed prior to their appointment or it will be rescheduled.
    • This would also be the time to conduct any pre-appointment checks including technical requirements, and let patients know what to expect during their telemedicine visit.

Step #2: Day-of the Telemedicine Appointment

  • Review patients’ medical history and any paperwork or self-evaluations you had them complete prior to their appointment.
  • At the start of the telemedicine visit, review your telemedicine policy with the patient.
  • Educate your patient on concussions and what to expect throughout recovery.
  • Review their medical history with them.
  • Review their ImPACT clinical report with them.
  • Carry out your concussion assessment and evaluation.
  • Create your concussion care treatment plan and explain it to your patient.

Step #3: Post-appointment

  • Document your telemedicine visit including any disruptions to the appointment.
  • Get reimbursed for your telemedicine visit by utilizing the right CPT billing codes.

Learn more in this webinar replay: Leveraging Telemedicine for Concussion Care.


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