#29 - Important Guidelines when Setting Up Your Concussion Clinic

Let’s go through five quick guidelines to keep in mind when setting up your concussion clinic.

  1. There is no “one-size-fits-all” concussion clinic model: every program is different. Set up your practice in such a way that works for your patients and clinical workflow.
  2. Concussion care is constantly developing. Make sure you and your medical professionals follow best practices and keep up on current research.
  3. There is no “one stop shop” for concussion care. Look for tools to evaluate and measure brain function so you can have an objective picture of each traumatic brain injury you examine.
  4. Your concussion care medical practice should be a reflection of your passion. Strive to improve patient outcomes and reduce long term negative effects of a concussion.
  5. A reliable treatment plan for a concussion requires interdisciplinary care. Partner with primary care, physical therapy, and sports medicine professionals to make sure you offer well-rounded concussion care.
Check out ConcussionManagement.com for more information on how to set up your own concussion clinic.


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