#19 - Pros and Cons of Baseline Testing

We’ve talked a lot about taking a baseline concussion test at home. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what it is. You’ve also learned why baseline testing helps you be prepared if you get a concussion. Today we’ll talk about some of the pros and cons of baseline testing.

The Pros: As you know, baseline testing allows healthcare providers to have a better understanding of your healthy brain. If you ever get a concussion, they have your personal cognitive data. They use it to help you get back to normal after recovery. This is especially valuable because every concussion is different. This means treatment and rehab differs from patient to patient.

Baseline testing is convenient, too. ImPACT Baseline Test is FDA cleared and can be taken at home, so you can take it after school, work, or on a weekend. It’s fairly brief, and you can be done in 20 minutes. It even feels kind of like a brain game, so you’re engaged and challenged the whole time. The best part about baseline testing is you being prepared for a concussion because they can happen to everyone.

Of course, there are a few difficulties when it comes to baseline testing. You need to plan ahead to take it. You should always take the test in a quiet and distraction-free environment. You have to put your phone and all other electronic devices away. That can be tough to do. It’s recommended that you take a baseline test every year. This means it’s not really a “one-time” thing. You will know if your test is valid or invalid if compared to your age group. However, only your doctor will have access to your full clinical report. It’s like getting an MRI. Only your doctor can interpret the scans to give you an accurate picture of your health.

Taking care of your health takes discipline. But it IS always worth it. Think of it as an annual checkup. You don’t necessarily look forward to it every year, but you’re glad you did it because you have peace of mind. Baseline testing should be part of your annual self-care moving forward. Head to BaselineTesting.com to learn more and to take your own baseline concussion test at home.


Taking care of your brain is a no brainer