#22 - What Causes Concussion

Let’s talk about what causes concussions. Many people think that contact sports are the primary cause of concussions and that they are mostly a sports injury. Actually, according to the CDC, falls are the main cause of concussions.

Concussions can happen anytime your brain is accelerating and decelerating rapidly. When a concussion occurs, there is an energy crisis in the brain. The impact of the brain against the skull can cause the brain to swell. It can even be life-threatening in rare cases.

Anyone is at risk for concussions. They occur frequently in sports (especially contact sports), but they can happen from falls, car accidents, and non-contact sports too. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “cure-all” for the injury. There’s not a perfect way to prevent them, either.

The good news here is that an individual who has had a concussion can feel entirely back to normal with a short period of rest and proper treatment or rehabilitation. Of course, the recovery process should be supervised by a trained healthcare provider. Read the Concussion 101 guide to learn more about concussion causes, signs and symptoms.


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