#75 - TBI Epidemiology in Older Adults

Data from 2013 tells us that more than 1 in 200 individuals ages 65-74, and more than 1 in 50 individuals ages 75 and older, experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) related emergency department visit, hospitalization, or death each year.

In 2013 adults ages 75 years and older accounted for over 25% of TBI-related deaths and approximately 30% of hospitalizations in the U.S.

From 2007-2013 TBI-related Emergency department visits amongst ages 75 years and older doubled and TBI-related hospitalizations increased more than 25%.

From 2008-2017 all TBI-related deaths increased significantly by 17%. Older adults were most at risk, especially those ages 75 and older.

Despite the high incidence, older adults may be less likely to seek medical attention for a TBI and are also less likely to be accurately diagnosed even though medical attention is sought. These findings suggest that TBI incidence among older adults likely exceeds published reports.

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