#69 - Return to Work After Concussion

Returning to work is extremely important in adult populations in that it helps ease patients back into their daily routine. Some patients may be hesitant to return to work before they are 100% symptom-free, but it can actually be beneficial for their recovery.

When you feel a patient is ready to return to work, work with them to understand their specific work environment and provide appropriate workplace accommodations. Here are some things you may incorporate in your return to work accommodations.

Use breaks to manage symptoms. Tell your patient to take a break whenever symptoms are getting higher than 5/10. Breaks should consist of complete cognitive rest as much as possible.

Depending on the severity of symptoms, you may suggest patients start with part-time before returning to work full-time. If part-time is not an option, see if they can be placed on light-duty work until they can handle more demanding tasks.


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