More than 25% of youth ice hockey players sustained at least one concussion in a single season*. Is your child prepared with a baseline test?

ImPACT baseline testing is an online sequence of assessments that captures your child’s “normal” pre-injury cognitive function. Should they get a suspected head injury, doctors will administer a post-injury test that can be compared to the baseline scores to identify any cognitive deficits from the head injury. This additional data helps doctors create more personalized treatment plans.

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Why ImPACT baseline testing?

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Can be completed at home in 20 minutes

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All that’s needed is a computer and internet connection

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Used by a global network of healthcare providers

Get your child baseline tested in 5 easy steps:

1. Go to and click on "Buy Baseline Test":

baselinetest homepage

2. Use promo code HOCKEY at checkout to get it for $10.

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3. Check your email for your unique testing link. Click on the link and review the test instructions:

Unique Testing Link

4. Select your language and click "validate" to launch your test (it takes 20 minutes to complete):

Unique Testing Link

5. Store your child’s unique ImPACT Passport ID in the app. This is how you will share test results with a doctor should they get a suspected head injury.

Your ImPACT Passport ID

Using ImPACT Passport App

After you complete the test, download ImPACT Passport to store your unique ID. This is how you’ll share your test results with your school and healthcare provider. Use this resource to help you get started.

Concussion 101 Guide

Read the comprehensive e-guide to educate yourself on the basics of concussions from signs and symptoms to treatment and rehab.

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Use this PDF as a quick-reference to identify concussion signs and symptoms in yourself or your child.