#72 - Creating Tailored Concussion Rehab Plans

The first step in creating a tailored concussion rehab plan is to educate patients and set goals for therapy. Make sure patients understand why they were referred to therapy and what you are going to do to help their ongoing symptoms.

Next, ask questions about the patient’s lifestyle and activities. If the patient is an athlete, ask them about their sport and what position they play. If the patient is not an athlete, ask about their work duties and recreational activities.

After you understand your patients’ lifestyle and activities, ask about symptoms, determine limitations, and find a solution. At a minimum you should assess:

  • Balance
  • Cognitive function
  • Smooth / visual pursuits
  • Near / Far Tasks
  • Saccades
  • VOR

Next, you’ll create a plan of care that addresses the specific deficits identified during the assessment. Explain what each exercise is addressing and how it will help patients return to their activities.

Learn more about creating tailored concussion rehab plans in this online guide.


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