#73 - Creating a Profitable Concussion Management Program

The first step in creating a profitable concussion management program is identifying key stakeholders. Identify individuals or departments that your new procedures will impact and educate them on the benefit of what you’re doing.

The next step is getting your concussion care team trained on best practices. ImPACT Applications offers credential programs for different members of the concussion care team.

Next, set up your community outreach program and implement a universal concussion protocol that includes baseline testing.

Once you have your protocols in place, create a process to bill for concussion care services. This includes identifying billing codes you can leverage for reimbursement as well as conducting regular internal billing audits.

Lastly, identify revenue opportunities outside of sports that you may be able to leverage. These opportunities may include industrial medicine, Fire and police departments, or YMCA and recreational facilities.

By following this set up and including ImPACT in their concussion evaluations, our customer Premier Health saw a successful commercial insurance reimbursement on 91% of claims and had a 7% increase in office visit revenue by utilizing multiple and consistent diagnosis codes.

Learn more about how Premier Health set up their concussion management program to get consistently reimbursed.


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