#42 - Concussion Myths Intro

We’ve come a long way with the amount of scientific research about concussions available. With so much new information, it’s important to separate the truth from fiction. Here are the top 5 myths debunked with concussion facts from the experts.

Concussion Facts

  1. Falls, car accidents, being struck by or against an object, and assaults are all leading causes of concussion.
  2. Losing consciousness after a concussion is rare. More common symptoms include issues with memory, headaches, difficulty with bright light, irritability, nervousness, and changes in sleep.
  3. Complete cognitive and physical rest is recommended the first 24 to 48 hours following a concussion for the brain to begin healing.
  4. Current concussion treatment standards recommend a gradual return to life under the supervision of healthcare providers instead of extended rest in a dark room.
  5. About 80% of patients diagnosed with concussions recover within three weeks, while 20% experience lingering symptoms.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the top five myths these facts debunk.


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