#67 - Comparing Athletic and Non-Athletic Concussions

Contrary to popular belief, concussions are not limited to sports injuries. They can happen anywhere, at any time. According to the CDC, falls are the #1 cause of concussions. Some other non-athletic causes of concussions include workplace accidents, car accidents, and domestic abuse.

There are a few distinctions between athletic and non-athletic concussions to be aware of:

First, is the gap in concussion knowledge. Athletes have a working knowledge of concussion signs and symptoms whereas non-athletes may not have the same baseline level of concussion knowledge.

The second distinction is access to providers. In athletic populations, there is typically an athletic trainer on the sidelines ready to identify potential concussions and refer for further evaluation right away. On the other hand, non-athletes may not recognize their symptoms as being from a potential concussion and may not seek treatment right away.

The third distinction is that athletes are more likely to have taken an ImPACT baseline test than non-athletes. While having a baseline test is preferred, ImPACT provides normative data that can be used when baseline test data is not available.


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