#25 - Can you prevent pediatric concussions?

The question has been asked: What can I do to prevent concussions in children? Unfortunately, preventing pediatric concussions is not possible. Some parents think that keeping their children from playing sports like soccer or ice hockey will prevent concussions. While concussions in sports are frequently discussed, they can also be caused by physical activity, car accidents, and falls. This means that all children are at risk for concussions. Children are especially prone to bumping their head while playing, but that doesn’t mean you should keep them out of all activities.

For this reason, it’s very important that children, parents, and coaches get educated on concussion causes, signs, and symptoms. If you know how to recognize a concussion, you know when to take your child to see a healthcare provider. And that concussion care provider can make sure your child is assessed and safe before they get back to activity.

If you’re a parent of a youth athlete, attend any educational sessions you can and advocate for concussion awareness. Be sure your child’s youth sports league implements baseline testing for all the athletes. After proper education, baseline testing is a great way to be prepared if your child gets a concussion. We have a concussion 101 guide available at BaselineTesting.com for you to use to educate yourself on concussions in children. Check it out and reach out to us for more ideas on how to educate yourself and others on concussions.


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